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Optional Pre-Event Activity

1st – 4th  August,  Belfast, Northern Ireland
The Anatomy of Peace Global Impact Study Group
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In response to alumni seeking ongoing learning opportunities, and amidst distressing events in the Middle East, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and acts of hate and racism in our communities, our shared experiences call for a renewed commitment to peace-building, nonviolence, and keeping the UWPIAA and Up with People missions and visions alive.

A once in a lifetime experience—Explore the city of Belfast and the Northern Ireland peace process through this unique learning journey.

It has been 25 years since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement on April 10, 1998. The peace accord largely ended 30 years of violence, known as “the Troubles,” in which 3,600 people died.

We will begin with a pre-study group online meeting hosted by Paul Smyth, Executive Director of Politics in Action. Paul, a Belfast native, is known for his work as a facilitator, and is a youth, peace, and engagement specialist. Paul will introduce us to the background and history of “The Troubles”, and Belfast in general.

The Global Impact Anatomy of Peace Study Group will meet in Belfast to continue this exciting journey. There will be an in-depth discussion about how the peace process came about, who the participants were, what was learned through this complex process, and what life in Northern Ireland is like in 2024.

Most importantly, we’ll discuss how we can apply these learnings to our own communities and current world conflicts. There will be opportunities to meet local community workers and young people and have an up close and personal view of Belfast seldom seen by visitors.

Our journey will continue during Annual Alumni Week when Paul joins us in Limerick for a panel discussion for all alumni.

The €650 cost includes three nights’ accommodation (double occupancy), most meals, a historic tour of Belfast city centre and travel outside of Belfast to the diverse but close-knit communities. (Note: cost does not include travel to Belfast.) 

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** This is limited to a maximum of 14 participants.

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