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When we found ourselves having to make a list to keep track of the dates for openings, closings, and changes, we knew that many of you would also appreciate being able to have everything available in one spot. We will still do reminders as dates approach, but this should help you be informed as well.

Your Annual Alumni Week All-Volunteer Team

July 15

Cast/Crew group bookings due for
on-campus dining.

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To be determined (TBD)

IF available, Day Passes will begin to be sold.

Pricing TBD


IF available, Onsite Registration will begin to be sold.

€495 Adult
€415 Child (4 – 12 yrs)

August 10

Silent auction in-person closes and items distributed.


August 10

Online auction closes.




January 2

Flash sale ends.

€435 Adult
€350 Child (4 -12 yrs)

January 2

Winners announced for 10 free day trips. 

January 3

Early bird pricing for Adult and Child registration.

€455 Adult
€375 Child (4 – 12 yrs)

January 31

Deadline to purchase tickets for the prize draw. 

February 1

Prize draw winners announced.


February 1

Awards nominations open. 

February 3

Xperience K and T Early Bird price final day until midnight in your time zone. 

7-12 years old: K (kids); 13-17 yo: T (teens) €720

February 4

Xperience K and T regular pricing begins.


February 5     Deadline to apply to volunteer.  

February 14

Last day for early bird pricing.

See: Registration Info

February 15

Regular registration pricing begins.

€475 Adult
€395 Child (4 – 12 yrs)

February 17

Prize draw #2 announced.

3 items See: Prize Draw

February 26 EXTENDED from Feb. 14: Last day to reserve university accommodation. See: Accommodation
February 29 Prize draw #2 opens. 3 items See: Prize Draw

March 1

Deadline to cancel for 100% refund for registration, less a €5 processing fee.


March 15

Last day to register for Belfast Anatomy of Peace Study Group
(Minimum of 10 achieved).


See: Study Group

March 17

Last day to purchase tickets for prize draw #2.

See: Prize Draw

March 18

Winners announced for prize draw #2.


April 1

Optional activities cancellation deadline for 100% refund, less a €5 processing fee.

April 12-14 Flash Sale for Xperience K and T. See: Xperience K and T

April 20

Last Day to book Castletroy Park Hotel.

See: Accommodation

April 15 
Extended to April 30

Awards nominations close.

See: Awards Information

May 1

Last day to cancel optional activities for 50% refund, less €5 processing fee.


May 1
Extended to May 5

Last day to book optional activities and tours.

Minimum is required for each to proceed. See: Optional Activities

May 4

Last day to book the Strand Hotel.

See: Accommodation
June 1 Have you checked your registration information? Please review how you submitted details in the name tag field, as that is how it will be printed! Follow "How to Modify Your Registration" instructions, in the email from Jan. 24.

June 1

Cancellation deadline for 50% refund, less €5 processing fee.

June 14/17 Last day to book offsite special activities or campus meeting rooms. See "Just for My Cast/Crew"
June 17 FINAL chance to double-check your name tag information is correct! Changes are not possible onsite.  
June 23 Final opportunity to order your Annual Alumni Week 2024 T-shirt.  

July 5

Last DAY to register adult or child or alternate registration options before onsite (if available).


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