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Please Follow These Steps to Modify Your Registration

  • On the website (you're here!), click the arrow beside the word "REGISTER" near the top of the page. Choose "Modify my registration" and enter the email you used to register. Then click the link emailed to you. (This is also how you can request a copy of your confirmation.)

  • OR: Scroll all the way to the bottom of your confirmation email, and you will see, "If you need to modify your registration, follow this link. The subject line is "Registration to Annual Alumni Week" and the email is from "Up with People International Alumni Association <>".


  • You will possibly need to choose the country for your phone number again in order to save or move to the next section (which is where you can add tours/T-shirts).
  • You must continue to click through the pages to the payment section to truly add a tour or to save a modification.
  • A new confirmation email will be sent to you automatically, even if you don't modify anything, as long as you click all the way through.

While There, Please Review and Update Your Registration Details

  • We have made the preferred name for your badge mandatory and added new sections for arrival and accommodation info.

    • What you enter in name fields is what will be printed on your badge. Type carefully and re-check. It will not be possible to make changes onsite. Unlike previous years, self-modified nametags will not be accepted by campus security.

    • Travel dates and accommodation info are imperative for us to know so that there is:

      • Food to eat (but not too much)

      • Access to your apartment if on campus

      • And we can get your name badge to you if you have a tour after a late arrival.

  • If you included a question or issue in the “comment” section, and it has been resolved, feel free to remove it in Step 3, or note that it’s “Resolved”.

Waitlists/Tour Changes

  • Waitlists are no longer avialable, as we do not have the capacity or bus and volunteer availability to continue to add more people on tours. 
  • You are able to ADD to your registration only. If you have paid and would like to inquire about switching days, email your request to

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