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Thanks to all super-powered humans who are helping with this event!

Offering exciting new activities in a new location means MANY volunteers are needed to make it run smoothly. The deadline to complete the Volunteer Form was 5 February, 2024.

The team is complete and some are hard at work doing all that is necessary to make this summer a success!

Visit again in the future to "meet" the team!

FYI and for Reference of our Volunteers

Full-Time Volunteer: Available to work 4 or more eight-hour days between 4 August and 11 August.

If you are arriving before your castmates/crewmates, and have a full day or two that you are available, and you would like to volunteer, please select Part-Time or Day Volunteer.

Part-Time Volunteer: Available to work 1-3 full eight-hour days between 4 August and 11 August.

Day Volunteer: Able to volunteer for 1 eight-hour day between 3 August and 11 August.


  • All full-time volunteers are requested and encouraged to attend the training day on the University of Limerick campus on Saturday, August 3.
  • All Team Leads are required to attend training on 3 August.
  • Full-time volunteers will also have two online training sessions before Alumni Week.
  • On each day a person volunteers, all volunteers assigned to work that day will be expected to attend a morning meeting for information and updates about the day.

Benefits for Volunteering for Annual Alumni Week

In appreciation for your time, the following benefits are being offered to volunteers. Please note that the benefits for volunteering have changed from past reunions.

Please keep in mind that the UWPIAA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Funds are limited, and "volunteering," by definition, is to give your time to work for free.

  • All volunteers will be provided lunch on each work day.
  • All volunteers will receive a special Volunteer T-shirt to wear on your work day.
  • Full-time volunteers receive a discounted registration fee of €200.
  • Full-time volunteers will receive a credit of €250 towards their accommodation fees.
  • Part-time volunteers will receive a credit of €75 towards their accommodation fees.
  • Part-time volunteers working 2-3 full days will receive a discount on their registration fee.
  • Team Leaders, full-time, and part-time volunteers will receive a complimentary day tour of their choice, based upon availability.

Additional Details

  • The volunteer team will be assigned to shared on-campus accommodations the first week of February.
  • If you are making your own arrangements for housing or plan to stay with non-volunteers, we need to know by the first week of February so that we do not allocate you in the team on-campus accommodations.
    • The accommodation credit can be applied if you choose to stay with others on- or off-campus.
    • The accommodation credit amount will be reimbursed to you and will require a receipt submitted to the UWPIAA.


  • Many volunteers are needed each day of the week, but demand will fluctuate. We will do our best to assign everyone who wishes to volunteer to their requested number of days, but it may or may not be possible.
  • Offers of full-time or part-time volunteering will be solely based upon the needs of the week, and chosen from the options you list on the volunteer registration form.
  • The confirmation email on 7 February will list your volunteer type and contain additional information.
  • Show evenings will take place on Thursday and Friday. Please review the registration website for scheduling information.


  • You will not be guaranteed of being placed in any particular volunteer area.
    Exception: Volunteers assigned to Xperience K & T are specific placements, and you should already know you are assigned to this area.
  • Volunteers will be assigned based upon need.
  • Volunteers may be assigned to work different areas on different days.
  • Due to University policies, there will be no volunteers assisting ANY show productions.
  • Due to University policies, the University staff will be checking nametags at doors to show nights, not UWPIAA volunteers.


The deadline has passed. Everyone will be notified of their assigned day(s) and area(s) to work by the first of June.

Thank you for your your enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer! We are excited to work together to make this new initiative a success.

Volunteer Team Leaders: Hedde Lundgren ('90B) from Sweden and Michele Easter ('91B) from the U.S.

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