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Hear from an expert in the field of genetics on why genetics, genetic testing and genetic counselling are important in cardiomyopathies. Prof James Ware is Professor of Cardiovascular and Genomic Medicine at Imperial College London and has a visiting position at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Prof Ware will explain the role that genes play in cardiomyopathy and the importance of family history. He will discuss the medical guidelines on genetic testing in cardiomyopathy and why getting tested is important. He will also touch on the importance of genetic counselling.


After his presentation, there will be a discussion session where Prof Ware will be joined by a specialist in genetic counselling for cardiomyopathy – Ellie Quinn from the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals, London.  Questions from participants will be invited.


The session will be moderated by Nicola Bedlington, Special Advisor with the European Patient Forum (EPF) and the first Secretary General of EPF (2006-2019)


Start: March 21, 2023
6:15 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: March 21, 2023
7:15 PM (UTC/GMT +02:00 - Europe / Brussels)
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